Funders for Lesbian and Gay Issues

Celebrating 36 years of mobilizing
        philanthropic resources for the LGBTQ community.
1982 – 2018

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Programs and Initiatives

Common Vision
Common Vision was a multi-year initiative that convened a variety of national philanthropic partners, experts in various fields and dedicated grantmakers in two regions of the country – New England and the Midwest – who shared an interest in creating healthy communities with widespread equity.

Racial Equity Campaign
The Racial Equity Campaign will work with grantmakers of all types to support the leadership of LGBTQ people of color and their organizations, strengthen our movements and create healthy grantmaking institutions that embody fairness and inclusiveness.

By building knowledge and creating resources for both grantmakers and grantseekers, our research efforts facilitate a deeper understanding of LGBTQ giving and organizational priorities. Download our latest report.

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