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Racial Equity Campaign

What could a social change movement accomplish—in force, imagination and concrete change—if it bridged the divide that fissures its organizations and dilutes its potential?

This is a question for our times.
And these are the questions for our sector.
Racial Equity Logo About FLGI's Racial Equity Campaign
The Racial Equity Campaign is a multi-year initiative to create healthy grantmaking institutions that embody fairness and inclusiveness and support the leadership of LGBTQ people of color and their organizations.

Read an overview of the campaign (PDF)
Review the goals and benchmarks of the campaign (PDF)

LGBTQ People of Color Organizations and Projects
Together, across deeply diverse populations, LGBTQ communities of color have organized one another to fight for systemic change, formed culturally appropriate services for their communities, infused the policy realm with their unique perspectives, cultivated artistic communities and taken on a range of social, political and economic issues.

Download "Building Communities," a 2008 report on this sector (PDF)
Download a 2009 Directory of LGBTQ People of Color Organizations & Projects (PDF)

Racial Equity Grantmaking Initiative
As part of the Campaign, FLGI's Racial Equity Initiative supports LGBTQ people of color organizations and projects by investing in community foundations and funds around the country. To ensure long-term support, the Initiative works to enhance the grantmaking practice of community funders, which engage LGBTQ people of color efforts in their communities to award funding and provide capacity building.

Understanding Racial Equity among LGBTQ Grantmakers
Read a first-ever study examining how a subset of 19 LGBTQ grantmakers addresses racial equity across grantmaking, governing documents, policies and practices, demographics and communications.

Download the report and the executive summary.

National LGBTQ Grantmakers Retreat on Racial Equity
On January 13-15, 2009, Funders for LGBTQ Issues hosted a retreat on racial equity for LGBTQ grantmakers from around the country. The retreat helped funders identify the funding opportunities, barriers and avenues for increasing philanthropic support for LGBTQ communities of color.

View a slideshow of the retreat

Racial Equity Web Site & Tool Kit
An online toolkit that provides a range of grantmaking tools, commentaries and best practices to support grantmakers in addressing the lives of LGBTQ communities of color.

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Funders for LGBTQ Issues both informs—and is informed by—the sector's intellectual contributions to grantmaking practice, racial equity and LGBTQ issues. The following list represents a sampling.