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        philanthropic resources for the LGBTQ community.
1982 – 2018

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Pre-Meeting: Next Gen LGBTQ Donors

A meeting before our Annual Grantmakers Retreat for Next Gen LGBTQ Donors. (For individuals involved in personal or family foundation grantmaking. Please contact Bill Lyons for further information.)


Tuesday, January 10th
7:00–8:30pm • Dinner
8:30pm–10:30pm • Drinks with local LGBTQ activists & non-profit leaders

Wednesday, January 11th
9:00–10:00am • Breakfast
10:00am–1:00pm • Meeting: Next Gen LGBTQ Donors
1:00–2:00pm • Lunch
2:00–5:00pm • Meeting: Next Gen LGBTQ Donors

This Pre-Retreat Meeting is an additional $100.

Category(s): Philanthropic Sector, General LGBTQ Community

Focus(es): Focus on Bisexuals, Focus on Gay Men, Focus on Lesbians, Focus on Transgender People