Funders for Lesbian and Gay Issues

Celebrating 36 years of mobilizing
        philanthropic resources for the LGBTQ community.
1982 – 2018

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Pre-Meeting: LGBTQ Public & Community Foundations

A meeting before our Annual Grantmakers Retreat for grantmakers at LGBTQ Public Foundations & LGBTQ funds at Community Foundations.


Tuesday, January 10th
5:30–6:00 • Reception (drinks and snacks)
6:00–6:45 • Welcome, Introductions and Presentation;
Getting Grounded in Our History/Understanding the Landscape
6:45–7:30 • Dinner
7:30–8:30 • Panel Presentation: Lessons Learned From the Trenches (With many of foundations going through leadership transitions over the past two years we want to take some time to capture some of the lessons learned about the work from those who have been in the sector for many years.)

Wednesday, January 11th
8:30–9:00 • Breakfast
9:00–10:30 • Round Robin Updates
10:30–12:00 • A Conversation: Donor outreach and engagement;
with Taryn Miller-Stevens, Director,;
Group Strategy Share
12:00–12:30 • Lunch
12:30–2:00 • A Conversation: Major Donors;
with Jason Franklin, Bolder Giving;
Group Strategy Share
2:15–3:30 • Conversation: Strategic Grantmaking;
facilitated by Vincent Jones, Liberty Hill Foundation
3:30–4:00 • Closing

Category(s): Philanthropic Sector, General LGBTQ Community

Focus(es): Focus on Bisexuals, Focus on Gay Men, Focus on Lesbians, Focus on Transgender People