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1982 – 2018

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Foundation Maps: LGBTQ

We have temporarily suspended the interactive grants tracking feature on website known as Foundation MAPS LGBTQ. We are currently in the midst of an extensive website redesign, and our new site will host several new features including a re-imagined grants tracking instrument that promises to be more dynamic and user friendly than Foundation Maps LGBTQ. We thank you for your patience and look forward to sharing the new tools with you in the coming months.

With Foundation Maps:LGBTQ, you can:

  • Plot the locations of grantmakers and grant recipients on U.S., world, regional, and local maps
  • Open map “pins” for information on any organization, and drill down for details about grants
  • Explore emerging trends by viewing maps with aggregated grantmaker and grant data
  • Uncover gaps in funding by country, state/province, county, city, congressional district, ZIP code, and more
  • Discover critical connections by cross-linking between funders, recipients, and grants
  • Focus on issues you care about by choosing from over 1,100 areas of interest and population groups
  • Assess funding needs and impact with over 150 demographic, socio-economic, and other data sets
  • Use Google zoom tools to focus near or far